How much time do you spend each week reading? I ask the question because I had breakfast this morning with two entrepreneurs. One said that he didn’t have time to read because he was so busy with work while the other pointed out that reading every day was a large part of every entrepreneur’s job. I totally agree with that statement and immediately started thinking about my own personal reading challenges.

Each week, another delivery of magazines gets dropped off in my office and the lose-lose situation immediately begins. I know that the content contained in Sports Business Journal or Inc. Magazine is important nuggets of information that I have to consume to be good at my job and properly represent our company. However, the look of guilt that my wife has when she buys Us Weekly is the feeling I get when I close my office door to read a magazine instead of working on a report or writing a discovery agreement.

I also become filled with guilt when a month goes by and the magazines have stacked up on my desk without being read. As a clutter freak, I can only make it so long before I grab the pile of magazines and distribute them throughout the office as if I took the time to read them myself. 

I know that taking time out of each day to improve my mind is just as important as daily physical fitness, so why do I feel guilty when I take an hour to fill my mind with nutritional information?

If you battle this same challenge then know you are not alone. Proving you spend time on the right stuff will become very clear when you represent yourself and your company properly by being the most educated person in the room at your next meeting.

I suggest that you try to schedule one hour a day to read quality content moving forward and know that it is just as important as anything else you could do in that hour.


Some of my favorite reads are:

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