At JHE Production Group we work with a great group of people from Aspire Communications on a regular basis. They help us create social content, pitch PR stories, and continue to refine the JHE brand. So when Crystal and Samie from Aspire came to me with the opportunity to present at Event Tech (a three day technology summit for event marketers), I gladly accepted. However, I did forget to take into consideration the countless hours that would be required to develop a quality presentation for my largest client (Sprint). 

Throughout the last 45 days I have worked with the PR team, the graphic arts staff and our internal marketing guru, Jeff Gajewski, to build a compelling story about how we utilize technology to engage more than 550,000 guests a year.

The Sprint Unlimited Experience is the largest display to travel to all 36 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events and has done so for the last six years under JHE’s management, without missing a stop.

I am going to share with the audience our four keys to success:

1) Yell Louder – Figure out a way to set yourself apart from other marketers in a very crowded environment.

2) Measure More – Introduce as many data capture points as you can and process that data as quickly as possible so you can react to the trends in real time.

3) Have the Right Pitch Person – Having a pretty face isn’t enough; make sure your brand ambassador can make authentic connections with your customers virtually as well as physically.

4) Right Mix – It’s about the right mix of technology, in the right footprint, for the right customer.

I have practiced my presentation at least 50 times so now it’s about stepping up to the plate and delivering the message with passion.

Wish me luck,



Fun Fact – The Sprint display is 5,000 feet larger than Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton’s mansion and hosts almost as many guests as Graceland.


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