#1 Guest on Werd Worthy

Proud to be the first (and likely best of all time) guest on the Werd Worthy podcast hosted by Glenn Boothe!

Show Notes:

5:07 – Michael discusses his early days on the NASCAR circuit with his father. 

8:45 – Why did Michael spend more time at the track than his brothers did? Was it really because he is short, overweight and has big hips?

12:10 – What does it take to be great in the events business? Michael talks about some of the exceptional people and companies he has been able to work with over the years. 

16:44 – Michael talks about Awespitality vs hospitality and his personal motto –  “Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough”.

23:56 – Why is the Daytona 500 an especially challenging race for those producing events.

30:23 – Traction Event Labs is working on some cutting edge mobile displays at the track.

38:00 – Michael is a prolific storyteller and content creator. Learn how he got started on that path.

39:46 – The importance of creating content with multiple purposes in mind. By leveraging different shots and audio captures you can give your social media longer legs.

44:03 – Michael talks about how made up budgets are one of the biggest problems in the event production industry and how he hopes to put a dent in that problem.

55:00 – Michael turns the tables and asks me about the evolution of the modern website and if it still makes sense to focus on it as much as we used to.