2015 NASCAR Hub @ HMS

When a client calls and says that they have a tight budget and an even tighter timeline, the first reaction provided by most event producers is to simply hang up the phone (I would be lying if I said that the thought had not passed through my head, too).  However, I am a firm believer in the idea that there are two different kinds of companies out there; there are VENDORS and then there are PARTNERS.  I have chosen to be the latter.

A true partnership is built over time and is based on a win-win philosophy. Therefore, when the NASCAR events group called with a request for help with their upcoming NASCAR Championship Weekend, I took it as a challenge to utilize my 20 years of event experience. I was focused on maximizing the opportunity to create a kick ass event.

NASCAR was asking for something unique—they wanted a custom footprint that would be able to host up to 60 guests and feature a mix of indoor and outdoor space. The kicker to this request was that we had two weeks to design and construct a footprint before the NASCAR Sprint Cup transporters arrived; we happened to be building this hospitality venue inside the garage amongst the teams.

I am consistently striving to create environments that look and feel different from that offered by my competition, so we utilized a highly-customized shipping container that would serve as our primary structure and provide the enclosed climate-controlled space required by the customer. We rented additional containers to help define our footprint and retain continuity in the design aesthetic.  Then, we engaged a local team of carpenters to build decking that brought the footprint together. By tapping into my rolodex and recruiting a team of MacGyver-like vendors, we pulled together another AWESOME event that opened on time and on budget.

A special thanks to Nineyards Design & Manufacturing, Specialized Mobile Exhibits, Deco Productions, and Logistic Solutions Services for quickly adapting and delivering superior service.

Every guest deserves an AWESOME experience and I am happy to deliver it.