3 Tips For A Happy Heart

  • 25,000 miles behind the wheel
  • 59 flights
  • 36 different hotels
  • 48 events
  • #EventLife

If you just look at the numbers, 2017 should have been a train wreck of a year; but it might just have been the most emotionally rewarding year of my career, too. So, what changed? At the end of 2016, I was introduced to an awesome human named Michaelis Jacoby. Michaelis is by far the most positive person I have ever met, and over the span of the last 12 months I discovered some of the keys to his happiness.

Tip #1 – It will all be alright.

No matter what god, spirit, or other force you may believe in, Michaelis believes that this power will take care of you no matter what.  Let me explain:

How many nights have you stayed up late stressing about your bills, a project at work, or that boyfriend you should have dumped six months ago? Did any of that stress make the situation better? In the end, are you a stronger person for going through that struggle? Did something in the universe make sure that you came out the other end of that situation in one piece?

We all know that the answer to these three questions is “yes.” Michaelis believes this with every ounce of his being—and because of that simple fact, is able to simply let go and trust that it will all be alright.

When he first shared this hippie-dippie shit I thought he was nuts. However, slowly and surely, I started implementing bite-sized doses of this thinking into my daily routine. I am here to tell you that I am a 100% stronger individual because of this new-found belief.

Tip #2 – Life is too short to work with assholes.

Oftentimes, we keep people whom we know to be toxic to our environment in our ecosystem. This could be a coworker that does nothing but complain, a vendor that treats people poorly, or a boss that disrespects you.

Michaelis has made a conscious decision to surround himself with quality people that show love on a daily basis. Whether this is his girlfriend, Sarenah, his bestie, Trent, or his NASCAR manager (yours truly), he makes sure that the people he surrounds himself with treat people with love. What’s more, he quickly calls out anyone in his inner circle that gets caught up in their own BS. I have been applying this strategy all year and making sure that I quickly cut out anyone that doesn’t live this way as a fundamental principle of who they are.

Tip #3 – Bring the AWESOME

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Michaelis is a DJ (yes…like a wiki wiki DJ) that has traveled the world to play at some of the most iconic venues on the planet. Knowing that fact, you would think that he doesn’t sweat the smaller gigs—but that’s where you are wrong.

Michaelis is obsessive about each and every show that he performs; he has endless questions about the customer’s wants, the audience demo, and the equipment being provided. This shows me that he takes as much pride performing at the Richmond International Raceway Amphitheater as he does opening for Snoop Dog.

I am wired in the exact same way; therefore, I quickly recognize that people who employ a “good enough” mindset aren’t “good enough” in each and everything that they do. Being more than “good enough” is important—I suggest you remain aware of this in your own life.

So, here are three simple tips on how you can learn from a wildly-talented, slightly eccentric, unbelievably amazing storyteller, hippie-dippie DJ from Bali—a man otherwise known as DJ Michaelis.

Get to learn more about Michaelis as we sat down on Event Pro Radio!