Beastmode Isn’t Enough

As I found myself sitting in the airport after attending another round of MiLB stadium visits, I started thinking about this blog and how we haven’t talked in a while. Since I do my best thinking while listening to Spotify, I fired up the app and Beastmode by HiDoraah was the first song on the playlist (I know it’s random, dont judge). Singing along and screwing up all of the words except for the hook, I couldn’t help but think about how fitting this was—Beastmode is the best way I can describe the pace at which we are operating at ISM Connect.

For those of you who are unaware of what this term means, here is the definition according to Urban Dictionary: “Beastmode refers to a state of performing something, especially difficult activities, with extreme power, skill, or determination.”

If we have spent any time together, or if you follow my Instagram stories, then you know that the entire team at ISM Connect are absolute beasts and operate at an extremely fast tempo. While speaking at our company’s All-Hands Meeting earlier this year, I talked about how this tempo was unsustainable and the way we were muscling through events needed more process in order to scale with the opportunities already on the calendar. Being a beast simply isn’t enough.

What makes me believe this to be true?

Like many startups, we have been rolling as fast as possible and only developing processes when absolutely imperative because we didn’t want anything to slow us down. Over the last twelve months, we deployed a major program that had me gone all summer and as soon as those events were was coming to an end, we landed a national network with Minor League Baseball that is bringing us at over 30 stadiums this year. These two 800-pound gorillas are something that we can’t just muscle through. There aren’t enough hours in the day to keep all of the tasks organized. Therefore, it is only after being beat into submission that I have finally surrendered and decided to get some process help. I gathered a committee of internal and external resources to help me build as many processes as possible without negatively impacting business or preventing things from getting done. This includes outlining the Lifecycle of a Job, implementing work orders and change orders, and rethinking where people sit and who they meet with on a regular basis. All of these items are simple and basic in principal but not something that myself or other teammates had spent enough time on as it relates to evolving with our business. As we implement new systems, it’s amazing how efficient and aligned we are becoming. I truly believe that if we can focus this energy while keeping up the Beastmode-like work ethic we will be unstoppable.

So here is where I need to ask you for some assistance. I want to know what your tips and tricks are for staying personally organized, aligned with your teammates, and energized to operate with the maximum amount of energy every day. I am fortunate to be surrounded with like-minded people that work as hard, if not harder, on a consistent basis—and those people are YOU. I need your help to get to the next level.

As I hope you can hear in the tone of this blog, I am SUPER EXCITED about the opportunities for myself and my teammates at ISM Connect. I look forward to continuing to share this journey with each of you.



Check out Beastmode by HiDoraah and sing along with me (I promise not to judge).