Can Gary Vaynerchuk See the Future?

It was late 2014, and I had just quit a comfortable job to start a new position in an industry that I knew nothing about. My new gig required a three-hour, round-trip commute, so I had plenty of time to think about my long-term goals for the future. It was during these trips where I would daydream about starting my own company. And I began searching the newly created world of podcasts for content that could help me along this journey.

Since podcasts were relatively new at that time, there were not a ton of entrepreneurs creating content, I (like many other people) got caught in the Vayner Media net and immediately was hooked on the #AskGaryVee podcast. For those of you who are unaware, Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO and co-founder of a modern-day Mad Men-style agency as well as a serial entrepreneur. He has written a half dozen books and creates more content than any other human on the planet. I really enjoyed the way that Gary talked about the changing social media landscape and how he encouraged his audience to think about themselves as brands. I was pumped when Gary interacted with me on Twitter and even responded to one of my questions on his shoooooow (inside joke for Vayniacs).

Why Am I Telling This Story?

When it comes to building brands using technology, Gary has the unique ability to see around corners. He tells his audience that he isn’t Nostradamus—and he keeps his focus extremely narrow while deep diving into a specific niche of the tech sector. Gary was right about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok—so his past performance proves that we should take notice when he predicts the future.

Gary has recently started to talk about this unique moment of time that we are in today. The way he is talking feels more and more like 2014, when he was predicting what social network would win with brands.

Note: There Are A Couple Factors at Play.

1 – Covid changed the world.

2 – Blockchain has the ability to change the world.

3 – NFTs and other blockchain-based products are creating an entirely new world for us to conquer. (If you aren’t up to speed on NFTs, here is a quick explanation from my buddy Brad Zimmerman.)

Gary has started to make recommendations around this new and emerging world of blockchain. The way he is talking and the predictions he is making sound very similar to 2014 when he was telling his audience to double down on blogging, vlogging, and all forms of content creation. When Gary talks about the possibilities surrounding NFT gifting experiences, he sounds a lot like when he first started pushing brands to build a presence on Instagram or encouraging small business owners to tell their stories on Snapchat. It’s safe to assume that Vayner Media (Gary’s 1500 personal global agency) is also guiding the brands they represent to embrace these new opportunities. Therefore, keep an eye out for PepsiCo, Mondelez, Unilever, and others to make big moves in this space.

I have listened to (almost) every podcast by Gary, read every book, and put his teachings into practice with tremendous results. So even though Gary might not have a crystal ball, he is still the best futurist I know. I highly recommend you start paying attention, as I believe we are in a moment in time that is special—and those that execute on Gary’s predictions will win big at the long game.

Let me know what you think about blockchain and if you think NFTs have more staying power than Beanie Babies.



Gary’s personality is intense, and he can be a lot to handle. I say this with respect but understand that his tone and pace can be a put-off for new listeners. If you are going to check him out, please be patient and take a high helicopter view of the recommendations he is making. Pay special attention to what Gary and his agency’s actions are as that is the best indicator regarding where he truly believes the future will take him.