Create Something Kick Ass

In-between meetings, over lunch, and even while relaxing at a company outing, Chris Epperly and I obsessively discuss one singular topic.

It’s a question that most event producers think about regularly and a query that the team at Awesome is committed to answering. Ultimately, it’s an uncomplicated question, but if it is answered incorrectly poses the potential to cost us everything.

The question is: What event should we create?

Our team has been responsible for producing events on behalf of other customers for 20+ years.  However, this time it’s our goal to be the customer, and we want to apply our knowledge to develop an event that results in positive cash flow in less than two years.  Moreover, we want to cater to an underserved market or even possibly create an entirely new market.

On paper this is an easy question to contemplate, but when it’s your money on the line it’s an extremely hard question to formulate an answer to. Therefore, I ask you the same question.

What event should we create?

Thought Starters:

  • Non-profit Bazaar – As a kickoff to #GivingTuesday, we would like to propose producing a one-day open house where local residents have the opportunity to get to know the non-profits that serve their community.

  • North Carolina HB2 Festival – Invite musicians and encourage them to return to North Carolina to play a two-day music festival benefiting the LGBT community.

  • Storytellers – Based on the idea of a fireside chat, this event would host local celebrities and give them a stage to tell stories about the early days of their careers and the milestones that they accomplished to achieve greatness.