Don’t Forget To Celebrate

I have been fortunate to work with and for quality people that enjoy the hard work required to achieve success and know how to slow down long enough to celebrate it.  

This February, I watched as our five-person team accomplished the monumental task of producing one of the largest NASCAR hospitality experiences of the year, but I failed to step back and celebrate that accomplishment.  

The NASCAR Garage Bar and Grill is a Daytona 500 VIP hospitality destination hosted by NASCAR for more than 400 of its closest industry partners. We were awarded the opportunity to produce this event in late December and for the following two months, the team worked tirelessly to make sure our customers received the very best service that we could offer. At 8 a.m. the day of the 2015 Daytona 500, we welcomed our first guest. I am proud to say that the team went out of its way to ensure that each and every guest had a VIP experience from start to finish.  

I spent more money at Starbucks that week than I have the entire year but looking back I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you to the HMS team (Amy, Chris, Nathan and Kari) for their contribution as well as PTE, Screen Works, Cat Power, Arena Americas, Web Station Inc., SME, Pink Toast and Starbucks for being true partners throughout the process.  

I continue to be blessed to work alongside great people and will do my best not to forget to celebrate our successes in the future.  




Click here to watch a quick video I was able to put together after stealing a couple GoPro cameras from my wife.