Event Pro Radio

Have you ever changed your behavior in such a significant way that it spurs you to reflect and search for the catalyst that encouraged the change?

In July 2014, I accepted a new job with the American Greetings company at their Forrest City, North Carolina office. This job required me to commute 150+ miles each day. While stuck in the car on a daily basis for three hours, I was forced to either listen to my overplayed iTunes catalogue or use that time in a more beneficial way. Simply put, I could listen to some old music or choose to think and grow my mind.

I consider this time period as the proverbial “Ground Zero” for my Podcast addiction. Ever since those drives back and forth to Forest City, every minute spent in my car is focused on listening to podcasts.  The moment I hop inside my van, I immediately dock my iPhone and continue where I left off on “This Week In Startups” or the “#AskGaryVee Show.” This new interest is what has motivated me to launch my own podcast and has further empowered me to share my insight as an event industry expert.

For the past 20 years I have been consistently frustrated regarding the lack of education that my customers are provided. By the time an idea makes its way to my inbox, the client has been pitched, the creative is done, and the budget is set. I see Event Pro Radio as a way to short-circuit that process and enable listeners to view me as their advocate. I will help them grow their idea and arm them with the tools they need to create a kick ass event.

My goal is to consistently interview subject matter experts—many of whom listeners might never get the chance to work with. My shortlist of interviewees includes tech developers, creative directors, fabricators, and event owners. By introducing listeners to my network of production partners, I hope to raise the bar and improve standards for all of us.

Personally, I find myself grateful for all of the hours I spent driving back and forth to American Greetings as I am excited to see where this chapter of my life leads. Check out the Event Pro Radio podcast on my website at www.tractioneventlabs.com/listen-up. I also invite you to let me know what you think about the format and encourage you to offer your feedback on areas where you would like to learn more.