February Checklist

It’s the first weekend of February and if you work in motorsports, I know what you are doing… shopping.  

This weekend is your last opportunity to buy more khaki pants, polo shirts and the ever elusive “perfect” track shoe. This has been a consistent tradition in my house for the last 15 years and I am sure Kelly will be headed to the mall shortly.  

Rather than spending endless hours roaming the mall for those shoes, I grabbed the first pair I could find and ran back to the office. I have been working nonstop to ensure that the team is ready for the start of the NASCAR season. I have made a list of every conceivable variable (then checked it twice) and built contingency plans to alleviate last minute challenges that we don’t know yet. Our checklist is complete and we are ready to roll.  

Our team has put in hundreds of hours to make sure we can deliver the promised end product and exceed customer expectations. The next 14 days are going to be fast paced, long days packed with learning moments. I know we have done everything in our power to be successful and I am excited to see it all come together. I can’t wait to share the results of our hard work with you next month.  

If you are headed to Florida, keep an eye out for the Toyota Avalon with a sleeping wife in the passenger seat, two English bulldogs in the back seat and a trunk full of new shoes.  

Until next time,