Growing Up FAST

The people at Darlington Raceway aren’t the only ones that can celebrate motorsports from the 80’s. In 1984, I was a six-year-old kid who had full permission to spend my entire day running around random racetracks like a crazy man while my dad was working.

For those of you who don’t know me, here is the CliffsNotes version of my story.

My pop was a NASCAR official for over 30 years, and since I was the oldest of three misbehaving boys, my mother let me travel with my dad so she didn’t have to raise all of us on her own. It was during these weekend trips that some of my favorite memories were created—and it was here that I also made many of my closest friends.

I am not sure if it’s the testosterone, the danger, or the trophy girls that fuel this belief, but motorsports comes coupled with the unique ability to bring people together and create lifelong friendships. The stories that are shared once the hauler lift gate is shut are epic and typically get better as the sun rises and the beer runs out.

I am excited to see how our sport pays tribute to the pioneers of the past. As Matt Kenseth climbs into the Tide Ride I will also be celebrating the year 1984 by running around Darlington Raceway like a crazy man making new memories.

I hope you tune in this Sunday and watch the Bojangles Southern 500 on NBC.