Healthy Mind & Body

In early 2011, I was enjoying time with a friend over what I believed to be a healthy lunch, when he asked me when I was going to make a change and get off the fat train. I was taken aback because even though I was 50 pounds overweight I thought I made healthy diet decisions. That friend recommended I read “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution”. After finishing the book, I decided to commit to never going on another diet again but instead making an authentic, committed lifestyle change. That decision has had an incredible impact on my life by educating me on how to make proper diet decisions and allowing me to lose the weight… and keep it off. 

Now that you know my story, you can understand why a personal development audio CD on mind and body habits immediately caught my attention. The segment made a correlation between feeding your body healthy food and your brain healthy content. Much of the information that we consume these days is high calorie JUNK FOOD. I love YouTube probably more than the next guy and too often I get caught in the trap of surfing the Internet for hours at a time.

The more I think about the idea of having an obese brain filled with Twitter, Facebook and, unfortunately, excessive amounts of YouTube I think I need to go on a clean diet of high nutritional information. With that said, I am going to commit to the following: read more, write more, set and track my goals, and meet with my mentors more regularly.

If we could all apply these healthy habits, our society would be much healthier both mentally as well as physically.

So here are my top five diet success tips to apply to our bodies and brains:

1)    Eat Real Food – Eat only whole, natural and unprocessed food. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, then don’t put it in your body (click here to see where I get my nutritional tips.).

2)    Find Balance Early and Often – You can’t drive your car without fuel, and your body is no different. Make sure that you eat a minimum of three complete and balanced meals each day, without exception. Every meal should consist of a protein, a vegetable, a fruit and a healthy fat.

3)    Drink Water – Carry a bottle around with you everywhere and fill it up as soon as it is empty. My goal is to drink 1 gallon of water every day

4)    Hold Yourself Accountable – If you are lucky enough to have an unbelievable self-control then allow yourself a cheat meal. But, if you are like me and know one detour will turn every meal into a binge-fest then be careful not to open Pandora’s Box.

5)    Read The Diet Evolution” – Dr. Grundy might be a little crazy but the basic premise makes sense and his method gets results.

Call me if you need someone to help you make a lifestyle change. I never thought I would be someone that could help others live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone that has walked a mile in those same shoes (no, you don’t actually have to walk a mile first).