NASCAR Fuel For Business E-Connector

NASCAR Fuel for Business unites an exclusive group of 50+ Council Members who interact to foster business partnerships delivering unmatched ROI. The NASCAR Fuel for Business E Connector was designed in 2011 and has consistently evolved to ensure that participating partners receive the most robust tools available. This custom-built software solution integrates an online portal allowing all partners to stay informed on industry news, learn more about other NASCAR Fuel for Business Council Members, access upcoming meeting details, and easily manage the requisitioning process surrounding the NASCAR Fuel for Business quarterly Speed Meetings. These Speed Meetings are a proprietary NASCAR asset that allows participating council members the ability to meet directly with other decision makers in the spirit of creating a mutually beneficial business-to-business relationship. The NASCAR Fuel for Business E Connector utilizes mathematical algorithms to log all Speed Meeting requests and develop recommendations for granting as many meetings as possible while factoring in all known variables. NASCAR strives to help their partners develop fully integrated marketing programs to build awareness, drive sales, introduce new products and aid in business development. The NASCAR Fuel For Business E Connector is a robust tool that allows NASCAR to deliver on these commitments.

This custom-built software solution allows NASCAR partners to quickly and easily access all relevant information while also enabling NASCAR administrators to share information in a consistent and high-quality way. Prior to building this system, NASCAR Account Managers were limited to calling and emailing partners to determine meeting attendees and enduring the tedious process of establishing meeting pairings on paper. Once on site at an event NASCAR had little ability to make changes to the meetings due to both the lack of systems and the delay in information dissemination among the 50 participating partners.

When developing a solution for NASCAR it was important that we built a nimble platform with full administrative privileges that had the ability to react quickly to any changes at an event. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform we were able to integrate our custom-built content management system (CONMAN) to drive all aspects of the site including general content, downloadable FAQ sheets, speaker presentations, photos and videos, as well as the Speed Meeting pairings software. 

By utilizing Xamarin software we were able to share similar code language to develop both iOS and Android native apps. Both the website and the two mobile apps pull data from the content management system’s API to enable NASCAR to populate content in one location and automatically share relevant information to each individual platform in their native format.

Created on the Microsoft Azure platform has enabled us to deliver a robust cloud-based hosted site with the power of Microsoft to ensure consistency and reliability to our customers. Technology has made it possible for NASCAR to quickly and seamlessly get partners the information they need to do more business.

The NASCAR Fuel For Business Council continues to drive measurable results for participating partners as highlighted in the following articles: