For much of my life, patience has not been a word that I would use to describe myself. Yet I understand how important it is to embrace patience. I clearly remember three major decisions that I have made in my career—quitting a job, starting a new one, and committing to a half-baked idea—that would have had a drastically different outcome if I would have exercised a greater commitment to being patient.

I don’t regret the decisions I have made in the past, as those decisions, both good and bad, have made me the person that I am today. And I am proud of that person. However, 2020 has been a year unlike any other imaginable and these unpredictable times are forcing us all to show a greater level of patience in every aspect of our lives. Our career aspirations, personal goals, and even daily routines are all very different than what they were six short months ago.  

As I work on finding my Zen and remembering what’s truly important, I offer to you this Swahili proverb, which teaches us “Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far.”

 I encourage you all to focus on being more patient with yourself and others— this too shall pass.