#SheSaid HeSaid – Goals

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She Said:

Ah, Jan. 1, you are fresh, clean start; the day begins again with diets, exercise plans, business goals and personal goals. But are you really that magical?

In my office, we actually set business goals for 2015 in August 2014. This is a big challenge for me and I often times have to work hard to separate what I wish to accomplish by the end of the year with what I hope to accomplish in the year to come. This is an example of Jan. 1 not holding any real value except in our heads! It does, however, take the pressure off of goal-setting this time of the year on the business side and instead allows me to revisit the goals I previously set. I use this time of year to tend to those goals, spruce them up and adjust as needed all while planning on how I am going to keep and achieve the goals I have already taken the time to set.

As far as personal goals, these are much tougher for me. We are all much harder on ourselves when it comes to this which is why they are called personal, right?! They can be goals set through teary eyes or complete laughter with friends. I tackle these goals throughout the year and always take time to write them somewhere I can see every day; for me, it is my trusty Russell & Hazel notebook that goes everywhere with me. I find that simple goals, such as living on purpose, work best for me as I can set a path on how to achieve the simple broad goal on a daily basis. That way it isn’t about a number on a scale or how many gym classes I take in a week; instead it is about how I am living each day.

No matter what time of year you set goals for the year ahead, dedicate time throughout the year to evaluate where you stand. Take a step back and see how far you have come; the magic is not Jan. 1, it lies in how you keep your goals and inspire yourself and colleagues the rest of the year.


He Said:

I am not a believer in a New Year’s resolutions where you talk about “fixing” something in the New Year and on Jan. 1 you buy a gym membership and purge anything non-organic in your refrigerator. Usually by February, you are at the Pizza Hut buffet talking about how you haven’t found a diet that works for your busy lifestyle yet.

Instead, I believe that goal setting and refining must be a never ending process to see lasting results. I prefer not to make resolutions but to take this time to review my goals for the New Year and revaluate my focus. I look at areas within myself that I am still not happy with or believe I am not living up to my potential. Right now, this includes:

  • I am still not comfortable speaking to large groups of people;

  • I have been cheating on my nutrition goals;

  • I feel like I am out of balance between work and life.

I want to make an effort to have a stronger focus on these three areas of my life and am pledging to start today by…

  • Committing to eating clean six days a week (Check out The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss);

  • Enrolling in a public speaking class like Toastmasters;

  • Learning how to meditate via a seminar.

There is not time like the present to work on areas that you would like to improve so let’s not wait for the ball to drop!