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Normally for me during this time of year I sit back and reflect on the journey that I have accomplished over the previous 12 months. I dream about what the future might have in store for me, what opportunities are out there. Once I figure it out,  I develop a plan for what needs to happen and I make those dreams become a reality.

For the second time in my career, I have decided to trust my entrepreneurial skills and bet on myself, this worked well for me once before. In 2014 I founded Traction Event Labs a successful event production agency. In 2016 after two very successful years it was acquired by ISM Connect, my biggest customer, and I was able to build a world-class team of event professionals that deployed a digital out-of-home advertising network at sporting events and concert arenas throughout the country. This was a great adventure for me, starting the business, building the business, selling the business and then growing the business beyond all our expectations. It was the best-case scenario where a terrific customer turned into a great employer.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and people couldn’t travel to live event venues like before; therefore, advertisers couldn’t recognize the value investing in this marketing channel. This downturn caused ISM to close its operations.

As I reflected on what has made me happy throughout my career, I continue to focus on the building aspects of a program. Whether it was a new experiential activation for Sprint that needed to launch for the Daytona 500, or it was 300 digital displays that needed to be installed before the first pitch of the baseball season. The process of designing, building, organizing, and deploying a program for my employer or a major customer gets me excited, but not as excited as building a business myself, like I did in 2014.

With these thoughts I decided to make a phone call, a phone call I have made several times throughout my career. I called Steve Petty, my first real boss and mentor, but more importantly a lifelong friend. Our conversation started out like all the ones before, what have you been up to, how’s the family, any new cars, etc. etc. The conversation like always turns to business, and I just run everything by him. I tell him I’m running the operations of this company, lots of frustrations, I’ve been offered some great opportunities at some other companies, some consulting gigs, but they all are working for other people.

Steve replies, “your ready” your ready to run your own company, your ready to run a company with a brand, one that will keep you focused for years to come, not having to create a new activation around an old brand for a whole new customer every six months. And with that said, he presented me with an opportunity to take over his aftermarket performance parts business. I’m thinking, I have never owned or operated anything like this before, but that’s what makes it so exciting, he’s right, I am ready.

So, in 2022 I have decided to enter this new business venture, a venture where I can use all of my past creative experience’s and control my own destiny. There will be a million steps to accomplish, but the premise is no different than any other program that I have successfully deployed in the past 20 plus years, and if I make a plan and work that plan then I am sure to have great success. Hopefully I will look back at this post in 10 years and be amazed at what we’ve accomplished, and how much we’ve learned about the automotive aftermarket business.

I am proud to announce that SPM Performance Products will be receiving is first batch of Audi/Volkswagen exhaust systems in the first quarter of 2022 from SPM Australia, our manufacturer. I look forward to bringing these performance products to market as soon as they land in our new warehouse in Charlotte, NC.

The aftermarket exhaust business is one that SPM has had tremendous success in the past—but as Steve says “it needs new blood, some fresh thoughts”. Throughout the last three months I have developed a new style guide for the brand, started to create video content, designed a fresh website, stepped into the manufacturing relationships, developed a marketing plan, bringing products to market, bring on new team members, identify and secure foreign distributors and I have begun to reach out to events where we can showcase our products to enthusiasts again.

This is going to be a huge endeavor—and one that is to be filled with its share of ups and downs, for that, I am excited. I look forward to sharing this journey with you via blog and vlog content on outlets like our Stay Tuned newsletter, which I hope you will subscribe to. I also invite you to provide us with as much feedback as you think is useful in helping us build this business.

Cheers and Happy New Year!



SPM Performance Products