The Perfect Sales Tool

Throughout the last ten years I have been selling special event services and have been struggling to describe exactly what we were capable of.

The best way to showcase our company was through pictures and video. Unfortunately, every time I tried to organize the photo gallery in my iPad I would inevitably get a stray picture of Stella (our three year old English bulldog). My video gallery was intermixed with episodes of Entourage, Mad Men, and time laps videos that we created to showcase our events. I figured if I was having this struggle then my less tech savvy coworkers were definitely having issues when sharing our events with potential customers in meetings. In response to this problem, we created the Companion Application.

Once loaded in the iPad, the Companion Application is the perfect solution for any professional that needs to have all of their essential sales tools in the palm of their hand. It is a one-stop app that allows a company to have their sales deck, photo gallery, and sales video all at the touch of a single button. By using the proprietary Bluetooth slide clicker and Apple video display connection you can be hands free when using Stell’s Companion application in a boardroom.

Two years after we first developed the Companion application our customers have learned that they can’t leave the office without their iPad. And, I know that my coworkers are delivering a consistent and professional presentation no matter where they meet a potential customer.


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