The Pond Digger


Traction Event Labs is proud to sponsor this episode of the Werd Worthy Podcast featuring Eric Triplett aka The Pond Digger. 

Show Notes:

2:20 – Eric gets an aquarium for Christmas when he was 18 and it literally changed his life and career.

9:50 – Eric talks about why he loves Snapchat so much and his thoughts on why other social media platforms just don’t compare.

11:22 – You have probably heard how important it is to find your ‘Why’. Eric’s why is not the money or the ponds he builds…it is the fish! He has always done everything he can to ensure that fish have the best home they can.

20:00 – The Pond Digger is a master storyteller. He talks about his thought process and the work that goes into creating his overarching storylines.

22:00 – Along with being a well known pond builder Eric is also and inventor and manufacturer of one of the hottest pond skimmers on the market!

28:00 – Eric has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes…and then he married someone with that passion as well. Now that have a mini-zoo at their house.

32:40 – A new Pond Digger facility is being planned that will allow for up to 10 new pond constructions at a time for training video production with room to spare for all the zoo animals!.

Find The Pond Digger here:

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