This Shit Is Hard

Since I was 16-years-old, I have always had some version of a full-time job—and most of these jobs involved working directly for a small business owner. Throughout all of this, I have watched closely as these business owners acquired assets, hired new staff, and stressed about cash flow. Because of this unique education, I thought I would know what it was like to be in their shoes and what the entrepreneurial journey was all about…

I can now safely say that I had no clue!

I just returned from the hardest two weeks of my career where I was tasked with working with one of the biggest brands in sports at one of the largest events in the US.  For the last 16 days, I have been in Daytona Beach, Florida, with a crew of six event craftsmen. We worked countless hours to produce two beautiful hospitality spaces, assemble 20 cutting-edge mobile message boards, and manage one world renowned DJ.

Any one of these projects would have been a full-time responsibility on its own, but the handling of all of them made me appreciate my former employers more than ever. It’s impossible to describe the amount of stress that I have endured over the past month, but it is equally as difficult to describe the amount of pride that comes with realizing a successful event. Throughout the next week, I will be blogging about the NASCAR Business Hub, ISM Vision powered by BoldVu, and why DJ Michaelis and I are quickly becoming BFFs.

Before I get started with writing about these events, I thought it was most appropriate to slow down and thank the crew for helping me survive the last month and not leaving me in a rainy parking lot in Daytona.

A special thank you goes to Jordan Litchko, Matt Mondek, Jake Mondek, Nate Hall, and Steve Hall from Nineyards Design & Manufacturing for never quitting.  I also have a sincere appreciation for SME and Champion Tire for offering first class people and assets. I am honored to work alongside all of you.

I am privileged to share this journey with you and hope that I am delivering a balanced recap of the ups and downs. This shit is hard and I am ready for what’s next!