Time Flies

I catch myself saying “Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.” Furthermore, I know that I have had a lot of fun over the past 12 months—I feel like I should start saying, “Time moves at warp speed when you are at a start-up.” My bosses don’t like it when I say that that ISM Connect is a start-up. They prefer to say that we are an Emerging Growth company (I think start-up makes them think that we only own and wear hoodies). But you get the idea, we are a young company that is building a huge business in a competitive environment. This warp speed realization hit me like a ton of bricks when I was posting an article on LinkedIn and noticed in my bio that I have been at ISM Connect as a full-time team member for a year now (mind blown).

This epiphany got me thinking about all that we have accomplished in 12 short months:

  • Deployed our screen network at all of the following events:

(38) NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series races

(29) Concerts

(8) 2018 Washington Redskins home games

(3) Barrett-Jackson car auctions

(2) Minor League Baseball stadiums

(1) SEMA Show

  • Installed (22) screens at our first mixed-use retail space (One Daytona).
  • Had the privilege to host friends and clients, and perform random acts of kindness to people that I have never met at some of the most desirable concerts and sporting events on the planet.
  • Achieved pro-level status as an operator of heavy equipment.

As I look at all of the things I have accomplished and the lessons that I have learned along the way, it encourages me to work harder, continue to develop a community, and have more fun! Here are my goals for the next 12 months:

  • Assist the team in building a kick ass network at Minor League Baseball stadiums all around the country (Check out our Latest News).
  • Develop and deploy our newest product (more information about Fanguard coming soon).
  • Assume additional responsibilities in areas where my passion lies, including company culture and brand building.
  • Celebrate the grand opening of ISM Raceway in style.
  • Continue to surround myself with hard working, kind, and smart people.

The rational part of my brain wants things to slow down a little but that part only comprises .01% of the whole so I am going to keep it to the wood and see what fate has in store.