If I have to go somewhere for personal or business reasons and I can drive there in less than eight hours, I immediately get in the car and don’t think twice about driving instead of flying. Over the past weekend I made a road trip to Florida and to pass the time and curb my ADD, I listened to an audio book by Seth Godin titled “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.”

Here are my favorite lines from the book:

DISCLAIMER – In order to keep the car from crashing, I used Siri to take notes.

  • You can’t have a tribe without a leader and a leader can’t lead without a tribe.

  • Consumers have decided to spend their time and money on things they believe in.

  • People that like their jobs the most make the biggest difference.

  • Every organization needs followers that are eager to follow.

  • No one anoints you as leader.

  • It’s more fun to make rules then to follow them.

  • For the first time ever, everyone in an organization is expected to lead.

  • Management is not leadership.

  • Managers manage a process they have seen before. Leadership is about creating a change that you believe in.

  • Managers have employees and leaders have followers.

  • If you want to grow, you need to find customers that believe in you and want to grow with you.

  • Leadership takes effort to get out of the way.

  • Skill and attitude are essential, authority is not.

  • Shared interests and a way to communicate is all it takes to build your tribe.

  • People want to be a part of something that matters.

  • My job as a leader is to help everyone communicate.

  • A crowd is a tribe that can’t communicate.

  • With enough leverage you can change anything. A long enough teeter-toddler can lift a sumo wrestler.

  • We choose not to be remarkable because we are scared of blame and criticism. 

  • If a product launch doesn’t work you won’t get fired, so what are you afraid of?

  • Fear or criticism is a powerful deterrent. Sometimes just that fear will stop you from even trying.

  • Good or bad, the things that get talked about are worth talking about.

  • Great leaders are able to reflect the light onto the tribe and not onto itself.

  • Top is too far away from the streets where the action is.

  • Connect and inspire, don’t manage.

  • Change doesn’t fail because it’s too early but because it’s too late.

  • Leaders go first.

  • Track your progress so your followers can see.

  • It’s uncomfortable to stand up and voice your opinion but that’s why not everyone can be a leader.

  • Change isn’t about asking for permission but about forgiveness after the fact.

  • Hire amazing people and give them freedom.

  • Claim the career you deserve.

  • Blogs tighten the tribe and Twitter drips info to the tribe.

  • Spread the word within the tribe. Blogging is an easy way to disseminate these ideas.

I have been learning from Seth Godin through his blogs and books for years and I hope that you will do the same. Remember, “there is a big difference between telling someone to do something and inspiring them to do it.”