Web Dev

Have you ever met someone that spoke a different language … maybe one that you didn’t think was human? Was it a form of code that was faster to type than speak? If they said things like CMS, SMS and PMS that caused you to send out an SOS, I might have just the solution to your problem.

In 2011 I was talking to a client (that shall rename nameless to protect the identity of the technically challenged) when it occurred to me that I have the unique ability to translate web development vernacular into something that a person with a flip phone can understand. This “aha” moment sparked the entrepreneurial fire inside of me that was the foundation for Traction Event Labs (formerly Stell).

Once I realized this unique talent was something not many people possessed, I focused on developing it further by learning more about how websites are built and the pitfalls that turn an average project into an ongoing nightmare. Many times, it’s not what the client says that is the biggest challenge but what goes unsaid that creates the most headaches for programmers.

Programmers and web developers are analytical, seeing requests as black and white; marketers see in Technicolor, adding “ish” to the end of their sentences. The little details a client might forget to communicate, like needing stringent internal security protocols or a lack of emphasis on SEO, is where the gap often occurs. This is where I step in, listening and translating the details. This has lead to producing some pretty amazing websites over the last five years. Technology continues to fuel many of the projects at Traction Event Labs so we are keeping our eyes on the future and our foot on the gas. 

Let me know how we can help you with your next website or software project.