West Coast Love

If you are from the West Coast and have spent any time in the NASCAR industry, you are sure to know the name Ken Clapp. Ken is the part of the old guard, he was a longtime friend and confidant of Bill France Jr., and for the last 50 years has been a major player in all forms of motorsports.

I have known Ken my entire life as he and my father have worked together since the early 70’s. Ken tells stories about running around Evergreen Speedway as a young child with Jeff Jefferson and David Gilliland. In this regard, I earned an Ivy League NASCAR education, but most of my early teachings came from watching Ken Clapp build relationships around a NASCAR garage.

So, when Ken called to ask if I would sit on the board of the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame I was honored and immediately said yes. The mission of this organization is to preserve the history and heritage of the important role West Coast stock car competitors have played in the sport’s development.

I am excited to sit alongside my father on the board and contribute as the next generation of West Coast racers continue to make a huge impact on all forms of motorsports around the world. I just received the list of nominees for 2018 voting and can’t believe the tremendous group of individuals included, many of whom I looked up to as I watched them compete at the highest levels.

I hope that I am able to contribute to this organization in a significant way and I appreciate the continued friendship that has been made possible because of my West Coast racing roots.